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clearer smile with invisalign

Invisalign is a type of brace that uses clear tray aligners to straighten teeth. They’re made of Invisalign’s proprietary plastic blend and manufactured in-house using moulds of your mouth. The aligners are made of a solid piece of plastic that applies pressure to specific areas of your teeth to gradually shift them into a better position. Looking for an Invisalign? Visit Edmonton West Dental now! We’re open five days a week and have Free Invisalign Consultation! Call us today at 780-652-1280.

dental problem that orthodontic treatment can help you

Crowded Teeth
They can also assist you with crowding teeth, which is caused by a smaller jaw, which leaves less room for teeth to grow in. Due to a lack of space, you may notice that some of your teeth have grown over the others. If this isn’t addressed, it can have serious consequences for your dental hygiene.
Biting Problems

Maybe it’s a problem with your bite. Orthodontists can help you with a variety of bite problems, including an overbite or underbite. You could also have a crossbite, which means one or more teeth protrude too far from the rest of your mouth. It’s closer to the inside of your cheek than it is to your bottom tooth. An open bite or a reverse bite could also be a problem.

Align Your Bite
Improper spacing is one of the most frequent issues with tooth alignment. If you have a lot of space between your teeth, orthodontic braces can help you close them up. This will give you more confidence in your smile as well as a more efficient method of biting down on your food.

why choose invisalign

Invisalign is the most popular brand of clear aligners on the market. They are transparent plastic versions of traditional metal braces. In most cases, Invisalign clear aligners work just as well as traditional braces in straightening teeth and realigning bites. Unlike metal braces, Invisalign aligners are easily removable. You can remove them before eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth. No wires are poking at the back of your mouth; no uncomfortable metal brackets; and no adjustment appointments are needed. Just wash them once or twice a day and you’re good to go.

dental problem that orthodontic treatment can help you

Metal brackets are often the most durable option, resulting in a lower risk of appliance damage and less time spent in the orthodontist’s office. Traditional braces are also available in a variety of styles, with self-ligating braces being a popular choice. These braces do not use elastic ligatures or metal ties to keep the archwire in place, making them more comfortable to wear than braces that use ligatures. Traditional braces have undergone some cosmetic upgrades, but Edmonton orthodontists still consider them to be the most reliable form of adjustment. To know if traditional braces are the best option for you call us at 780-652-1280 to book an appointment today!

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